Screeching sound after I shift into 2nd

Hello car knowledgeable friends! I have a problem that I hope someone will be able to help me with… So I took my 2002 Civic in to the Honda dealership to be serviced and also explained to the folks there that my car was making some sort of screeching sound when I applied the gas after shifting into 2nd. It is a very short, pretty quiet screech and I thought it was a belt. Anyhow, these guys said it was something to do with the clutch and replaced the master cylinder (I think?) and said that would fix it. Low and behold, the screeching sound persists. I am heading out on a two week road trip soon so I brought the car back in for them to properly diagnose and correct the problem. Unfortunately, the car did not make the sound during the 5 minutes that they spent with me (they wouldn’t keep the car for the day and drive it around a bit) so they said I was out of luck until the car made the noise frequently enough that they could hear it at the drop of a hat. I am concerned that this small issue will compound when I am on the road and leave me stranded with my two year old somewhere in the boonies. I could really use some help… any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you for your time,


Vancouver, BC

I suggest you hire another mechanic to look the car over with safety/getting stranded issues foremost in his mind.What else can you do? I mean a brand new car can leave you stranded,just don’t start your trip with a obvious issue glaring at you,all you can do is have a good mechanic look it over,again with safety on his mind.

I always advise people to ask for their money back,they didn’t fix it did they? I know I would ask for my money back,put that kind of pressure on them,a dissatisfied customer that wants their money back. Make them explain how the part they replaced could have been causing noise. I like your theory better,a belt issue.