2001 Toyota Celica stalls



I had an enigine stall problem last year and had to replace camshaft sensor after 3 trips to the dealership. Now almost one year later, the enigine check light came back on and engine was like kicking in and RPM guage jumping crazy while I was driving. It also stalls several times when I slow down the car or brake on.

The dealer said that they are not so sure but crankshaft could be the cause and need to be replaced but they can’t guarantee it will fix the issue.


Have your codes read at a major auto parts store. Avoid dealerships because an independent mechanic usually knows more and costs less. He will take those fault codes and actually repair your vehicle. Most dealerships are just parts replacers. They use a form of “shotgun maintenance”, that is to say they try part after part trying to find the problem. It also helps their bottom line so they rarely change their ways.


What codes? Should I ask the dealer for the codes? Will they give me the codes?


When the check engine light comes on it means that there are diagnostic codes stored in the computer. These can be pulled with a special little code reader. Big chain-type auto parts stores will often read these for free. The format is P0123. Have them read and post the exact codes.

The dealer may have put the codes on your invoice. Or you can call and ask if they have them written/stored somewhere.


thanks for the reply.
I will post it if I can get it from the dealer.
BTW, they asked for $400 + tax for replacing a crankshaft sensor.
$70 - part
$220 - labor
$110 - diagnose


the code is P0335