01' Nissan Maxima SE


My car continues to stall. I received an opinion about getting my computer reset before changing the o^2 sensor because the diagnostic system did not even read the bank 1 O^2 sensor. So i took it in, the nissan dealer mechanic said there was nothing to reset, and to replace the o^2 sensor. So i did. Problem still continues… any answers?


You need a good independent repair shop. That Nissan dealer isn’t it. A good mechanic will do the necessary checks before changing a part.

Have you kept up with the scheduled maintenance as in your Owner’s Manual? If not, some of those things NOT done could, now, be causing you problems, now.


I took it to an indep. mechanic. His diagnostic system test said that the o^2 sensor was not being recognized. But he thought that the computer should be reset before changing out the O^2 sensor, but only a nissan dealer ship mechanic would be able to reset the computer because nissan is the only place that can reset the computer… Nissan has not sold the rights to that equip… so regular mechanics in this instince have to send to the dealer mechanic… but the nissan mechanic told me the o^2 sensor was bad even after he told me there was nothing to reset. so i replace it… and my car just contiues to stall out in Park. and at stop lights. Any answers from that.?


I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet, but all this about “because nissan is the only place that can reset the computer” is 100% INCORRECT.

Anyone with an OBDII scanner can reset the CEL and read the condition codes on any OBDII car. If this independent mechanic does not understand this basic fact, find another repair shop, pronto.

I own a $100 scan tool that will work on every single car sold in the United States since 1996. Name the car, the scan tool will fit it.


sounds like you have a faulty idle air control valve or a vacuum leak. an iac valve is a vacuum leak although it’s a computer controlled one.

do this. forget what you’ve been told by the dealer and the ind. shop. drop by a local autozone, checkers, advance auto, etc. and have them scan your car. they will do this for free.
post any results back here for discussion. do not expect the employees there to diagnose your car. that is not their job. they will only provide any codes as given.


I think the independent mechanic meant that the Nissan dealer is the only one with a Nissan-designed (or, “spec’ed”) scan tool with which to “flash” or “reprogram” the engine computer.
How does the engine stall at stops? Does it stumble, or jerk, before it stalls? Does it seem to just cut off, suddenly? Does it stall in PARK when you touch the gas pedal, or what?


Resetting the CEL and stored codes is not the same as resetting the computer. Note: this may vary from one car to another.


I kind of doubt the car would be running at all if it needed a reflash. Look at the symptoms he’s suffering.