2006 Nissan note shifting

I have a 2006 1.4L petrol Nissan Note SE. Recently when I tried to shift into 4th on a dual carriage way it went into the direction of 4th but when I applied gas it just revved as if it was in neutral, I put my clutch back down and tried again to put it into 4th but it just made a grinding sound, it only went into 4th when I put it completely back into neutral and tried to shift it again, this happened again on a separate occasion. Then when I tried to go from neutral to 1st I experienced the same thing, I’m unsure on whether this would be a cause of the clutch, the gear oil, the actual gears etc. the car has been sat for almost a year and a half but recently went through an mot.

Has the clutch ever been replaced?
It wouldn’t be too unusual for this car to need clutch replacement after 16 years, particularly if it has been used in a lot of local driving.

If the other gears are working OK, it may be a worn shift linkage rather than a clutch or a worn out gearbox. I can’t tell from here. Have your mechanic give it a look.

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The master cylinder for the hydraulic clutch may be leaking internally.

When this happens, the clutch doesn’t fully disengage when the clutch pedal is depressed.

This causes the gears to grind when trying to shift.

To confirm if this is what’s happening, try shifting through all the gears while the engine’s not running.

If you can, that’s the problem.



The shift cable bushing has failed, replacements are available.



Next time it won’t shift from N to 1st, try pumping the clutch pedal a couple times. If it works then, good chance the problem is what Tester mentioned above, faulty clutch master cylinder. Common failure item from reports we get here, not just on Nissans, but most cars. I’ve had to replace that part 3 or 4 times on my Corolla. Check the fluid level is ok in the CMC plastic bottle first of course.

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That’s a good point OP should consider. The difficulty shifting into 3rd symptom isn’t entirely consistent w/a CMC problem. CMC problems tend to show up (at first at least) as difficulty shifting from N into 1st or R