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2006 Nissan Maxima, Recommended Tire Size

I have a 2006 Nissan Maxima with 125K manual transmission. I bought car used and it’s time for me to replace the 225/45/18 tires on it. It appears from looking on line, this is not the original size from Nissan. Can I go back with a different size as long as it’s an 18 inch tire? Any suggestions or recommendations appreciated. Either way it seems these will be very expensive tires. Thanks in advance.

This is easy. Look at the door plaque for tire size. go to tire store.

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Ther should be a placard/sticker either on the end of your drivers door, or on the body by the door latch. It will have the exact info from the factory.

Tire Rack lists 245/45x18 for your car. Looks like the ones on there are a little small. Just put 4 of the right size on it.



Before taking the advice above, make sure that you still have the factory wheels.

The owner’s manual says 245/45xR18 Check it out here.

That’s helpful, but texases mentioned the correct tire size 8 days ago :smiley: