Different Tire sizes on front and back


I have a 1989 Nissan Maxima and was given 2 tires, size: 205/70/15, that are like new, and wanted to put them on the front of the car. The factory specifies 205/65/15 and that is what is currently on the car. Can I leave two of the existing tires on the car, and put the odd tires on? If so, should I put them on the front of back?


Assuming that you don’t have four wheel drive, you will be OK with the larger size pair of tires on either the front or the back. When you have the larger, non-standard size on the end of the car that is connected to the speedometer/odometer, your readings will be about 3% low. Google “tire size calculator” to see more.


I guess it’s OK to assume you won’t be racing your '89 Nissan through the turns at Watkins Glen. Therefore it is perfectly all right to use your gift tires, and you may put them at either end.


I agree with the above, but I would suggest putting the best tyres on the back. The car will handle better that way under emergency conditions.


are the 70 bigger than the 65, like on a dragster, the back are big and the front are little.