Tire size question


Hi, I am going to buy 2 or 4 new tires for my 1998 VW golf. Problem is, the tires on the car right now are 185/60 R14 and the size recommended for my vehicle is 195/60/14… any idea which size is correct?


According to tire rack, 195/60-14 is correct. I would go with this size. What you have on your car currently is a bit smaller in width and a bit less carrying capacity than the OEM tires.


One one of the door jabs, there should be a sticker listing all the acceptable tire sizes and options and pressures…But yes, step up to set of four matched tires of the correct size…


Who is doing the recommendation? VW or a tyre supplier?

Frankly there is little difference between the two, but I would stick to the size recommended by VW, which should be in the owner’s manual or plastered somewhere in the car.