Lost in tire limbo

Good morning to all and Happy holidays from the Ozarks; Here’s my dilemma.Consumer reports best tire choice for my 06 Toyota Highlander is the General Grabber HTS.The size I need(225/65R17)isn’t made. General does make a 235/65R17 in the Grabber series. Can I go with it? What problems might I encounter with the size change? I’ve been told to ask our local tire dealer,but considering he was flippin burgers at McDonalds a month ago I’m leary about his advice.I may be guilty of putting too much stock in CR but they have no agenda other than truthful testing…And you got to believe in someone,right?

The extra 10 millimeters of width is unlikely to cause any problems.

Another option would be to buy another highly-rated brand in the correct size.

I agree with mcparadise, but here are some possible places to get an authoritative answer to your question:

Your Owner’s Manual may list “alternate” tire sizes
The label on the driver’s door jamb may list an alternate tire size
The Tire Rack website–www.tirerack.com–will list acceptable alternate tire sizes for your truck–if any exist.

What’s going on in the tire industry is insane. There is not enough shelf-space to hold all the tires and wheels they have created…The consumer is faced with an impossible task of trying to sort it all out and make an intelligent decision. Tire stores sell what they have in stock…

In your case, the slightly larger tires should work okay, but your speedometer may be off just a little…When it reads 70 mph, you may actually be traveling at 71 or 72 MPH. On most cars, especially trucks, speedometers come from the factory reading a little fast, so with the larger tires, yours may now be spot on the money. That’s hard to predict. With the larger tires, you could lower the air-pressure slightly, giving a better ride.

According to Tire Rack there are no fewer than 26 models of tire availible in that size.

and the web page is…