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2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Brake Light

My girlfriend’s 2006 Eclipse’s right brake light is out. I checked the fuses, and they’re fine. I have removed the assembly and can replace the three light bulbs there, but there is not a bulb for the brake light. It appears to be an LED light. None of the auto parts stores have this light in stock. Can I just replace the brake light, or do I have to replace the entire assmebly? If I can replace the just the light, how do I get the assembly open?

Have You Checked To See If You’ve Got Electricity At The Brake Light While The Brake Pedal Is Depressed ? If Not, Replacing Expensive Lamp Parts Won’t Help. Don’t Throw Parts At It, Diagnose It First.


I haven’t. I guess I assumed since there was power to the turn signal, and back up lamp that it was getting power. How do I check if it’s getting power?

Can You Access The Connector For The Brake LED ? I’d Think With A Simple 12V Continuity Test Light Properly Inserted / Clipped Into The Harness Connectors And Somebody Applying The Brake, The Test Light Should Illuminate.