2011 Chevrolet Colorado - Brake lights

Brake lights don’t work after I installed new bulbs and found fuse to be ok. Cant figure it out

Did the old bulbs work? you may have put the wrong bulbs in, or bulbs were not the problem.

Or did you switch to LED’s and now they don’t work.

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And if the old bulbs did not in fact work were both bulbs out? It’s rare for two bulbs to fail at once. It’s possible the brake light switch is bad or there’s some other electrical problem like the sockets might be corroded.

How did you determine the fuse was “ok”

Visual inspection?

12V test light?

Here’s what I would do next

Remove one tail light assembly

Have an assistant step on the brake pedal . . . or use a pedal depressor . . . while you use that 12V test light to check for voltage at the brake lamp bulb socket

I’m guessing you’ll find 0V back there . . .

Does the center light work? If it does then that indicates the switch is working and you have power. If that is the case try cycling the emergency flasher switch a few times to see if that helps.

I am willing to bet THIS is what happened.
So @RBrown, will you post back and tell us if you put in LEDs?