2006 Mazda Tribute electrical issue

The speedometer and odometer in the instrument cluster AR reading zero. The ECU is putting out a speed reading and a trip odometer reading. I’ve replaced the instrument cluster once with a junkyard part and there was no change. All the other lights and gauges are working, and the wires are not bound up. I’m thinking it’s an electrical connection in the plug to the instrument cluster maybe?

Check to see if power is getting to those gauges.

I wonder if your $35 speed sensor is shot.

Can you provide more detail on how you know the proper signals are being output by the ECU?

I’ve plugged a bluetooth ODB reader in and I use an app to read the speed and trip meter info from the computer.

I’m trying to find an electrician who is familiar with auto systems. Any suggestions on where to look around Charlotte, NC would be helpful.

I replaced the speed sensor too. The ODB reader is showing a speed readout, and the transmission is using that speed (among other inputs) to shift the transmission at the right times.

…And the ECU speed readout matches an independent GPS speed measurement.

OK, so we know that the ECU is properly reading the inputs to develop the data for speed/odo. However, reading that information via the OBD port doesn’t mean that the output to the gauge cluster isn’t messed up in the ECU. Often, there are driver chips in the ECU to condition the signals going to the cluster. Something may have blown them out. The other suspect is the cable connections. Should be able to ohm those out with a meter. Someone with a schematic and either a capable meter or oscilloscope should be able to verify if the ECU signals are making it out of the box…

At the very top of the page there is a tab called Mechanic Files. Click on that, enter in your area and check the list of shops there.