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2006 Lexus RX 400h CVT slippage

CVT transmission slipping at 95,000 miles. Expensive to fix. Have you had same problem and if fixed how long did the fix solve the problem? Thanks, chris

Toyota/Lexus hybrids are generally very reliable and durable. It looks like used transmissions with fairly low miles are less than $1000 on If the battery is in good condition, I wouldn’t hesitate to install a used transmission.

The car is 14 years old. The big questions are how long have you owned it and how often, if ever, have you had the transmission serviced?
If the answer to the latter is never then there is the reason for the failure.


It doesn’t have a normal CVT, so I’m really curious how it’s slipping. Has a hybrid mechanic taken a look at it?


Thank you. I just bought it and don’t have service records. What is done when the transmission is serviced besides changing fluid?

Thank you!

One more time - this does not have a normal transmission. No clutches, no torque converter, no cones/belt. So what you’re experiencing could be a problem with the hybrid system that needs to be diagnosed.