Honda or Lexus?

I have a 2001 RX 300 with 93000 miles on. I need to replace the tires, and there seems to be some transmission slippage occurring. I have read that the '01 Lexus has major transmission problems @100,000 miles and I am getting somewhat scared. I have loved every minute of owning and driving the Lexus, but I cannot afford a new one. What I can afford would be in the 2004 model year w/@ 45,000 miles on it. My other half likes the 2007 Honda CR-V EXL 4wd. We can get that for about the same money. Which do you think is the better buy? I see that the 2008 Honda CR-V’s have had another body style change, so it looks like the 2007 will be a model year with it’s own design. Is that a good thing or bad?? We just cannot figure this one out!! Please someone help us!!

I would get an estimate to fix the transmission before proceeding much further.

A Honda CRV simply pales in comparison(even 2007/8) to a Lexus RX300.

I think the Lexus is a better buy. If you sell or trade the RX300, the price will be adjusted down for the transmission repair. You will pay for it no matter what you do. Since you like the Lexus, keep it and pay the few thousand it costs to set it right. Where can you get a car or truck you enjoy as much as your RX300 for $3000?

Thank you both for your comments. I think you both said what we were feeling in our hearts, but our brains were trying to make the Honda the right choice. Go with your gut?

Yup. And if it doesn’t work out, blame me! ;^)