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2006 kia spectra help with diagnosis

I have a 2006 Kia Spectra that I recently did the head gasket on. I am still working out the quirks. It wont reb much higher than about 1500 rpms, and even then it sputters, that’s obviously the TPS, however the codes that it is pulling are what’s getting me. The TPS is fine. I ran a scanner on the car and a few codes came up. P0122 (TPS sensor A circuit low), P1505 (IAC Valve opening coil voltage low), P1507 (IAC valve closing coil voltage low), and P0650 (malfunction indicator light control circuit). Now judging by these codes I think it might be an electrical issue. I would appreciate any help with trying to figure this out. Any suggestions eith trouble would be fantastic.

Yes, especially since you disconnected all the connections doing a head gasket that now have errors. Start by checking all the connectors to make sure they are clean and seated. If there is any part of the wiring harness you pulled, bent, stretched, tugged or crammed aside when the head came off, check those areas for damaged wires. You may have to unwrap part of the loom. Also check for ground wires you forgot to reconnect. Good Luck, this will be a tedious job.

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Good advise above, and you might want to check for 5 volt reference at TPS and IAC. Will give you somewhere to start. Wiring diagram would be helpful also.