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2006 Infiniti G35 Driver’s side rattle

I have a rattle that seems to be coming from driver side either in the front tire or in the door or maybe under the left side of the hood. I have replaced all of the suspension struts, shocks, stabilizers etc but still get the rattle. Its like a slow rumble sound when on bumpy roads. Two repair services have worked on it but no one can figure it out. I have spent $3,000 so far and no results. Any ideas?

The stabilizer end links are often the problem.Very cheap to replace

If you have’t replaced the strut mounts - the plate with rubber the strut rod bolts to - I’d suspect that.

This what I have done to the car but the rattle still exists:

-2 Front and rear lower compression arms

-2 Lower control arms front

-2 Front struts

-2 Front strut mounts

-2 Both front swaybar links (rod assembly connecting stabilizer)

Alignment front end

Neither Sewell Infinit Dealer in Dallas or Ted’s Automotive in Dallas can find where the rattle is coming from. Sure would love an additional suggestions you may have. Thanks.

Louis McAnally, CTP

Swaybar bushings can wear/compress, letting that big fat bar vibrate and make a low frequency rumbly sound - especially noticeable on irregular pavement.

Not a good idea to put your personal info out on a public web site.

@cdaquila, could you help here?

We can’t hear your rattle. it is a 14 year old car that might have a broken weld or a part that is loose nearly anywhere inside a body cavity. Finding such things is difficult in the best of times and impossible over the web. There are special tools - basically a microphone, amp and headset - that can help the mechanic narrow things down. If neither of these shops has such a tool, I suggest finding one that does. Good Luck