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2006 Hyundai Santa Fe brakes jam

when applying brakes the brake pedal jams up hard with no movement on the pedal at all casing the brakes to fail. No brake at all has happened twice, can you help with this one

Yes, I can. Get this thing to a brake shop yesterday . I assume since you are asking on the web you don’t know how to fix brakes so find an independent shop not a chain type.

That’s often caused by some brake part being stuck. All four wheels need to be removed and the brakes inspected to see what’s stuck. Problems in the abs & hydraulic system can cause this, but start w/ the mechanical inspection at the wheels. Common sense says to not drive the vehicle until this is resolved of course.

Could be a problem with the brake booster.
Brakes can still work, but the pedal gets rock hard and needs much more force.
If your Santa Fe is similar to my Tucson the power brakes are more sensitive than the average car, and loss of boost would be drastic.

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