2006 Honda Ridgeline - All Wheel Drive Disabled

The VTM on my truck stopped working. The light is on solid and only front wheel drive is working.
This happened after a stormy day when there was alot of sticks on the road. Is there a chance that a wire got pulled off some where under the truck? I have been under there and didn’t see much but I didn’t really know what I was looking for.

Do this, read out the codes and go from there…

The VTM light means Variable Torque Management. Chances are there is a code or several codes in the computer causing this light to come on. To retrieve codes, ground the Brown wire in cavity #9 of the OBD-II connector and turn on the key on and the VTM-4 light should flash out the problem codes.

Or take it to a service place that can read the codes and repair what is wrong.

I read the codes because the “Service Engine” light (O2 Sensor) is also on but it didn’t show any codes for the VTM. So I will try the brown wire method.
Thank you

I suspect that the traction control is disabled because of the engine fault.

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