2006 Honda CR-V - Jumped into drive

My CRV jumped from park into drive while the engine was running. You can see how this could be bad. Ever hear of this? What can I do?

Could be something wrong with the gearshift linkage. Best if you bring it to an independant mechanic you trust.

Could be a failed engine mount causing the engine to move and pull the cable. Have the mounts checked!

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While I haven’t previously heard of motor mount problems with CR-Vs, the fact remains that Honda does have a history of motor mount problems on some of their models.

On my daughters 05 Crv the motor mounts new are soft and travel a lot. They even put a rubber flap on one end to prevent engine vibrations when it bottoms out. The 06s are another generation newer than the 05s and they made the differential mounts stiffer, but I don’t know about the motor mounts. From park to drive seems to be quite a distance to jump, so it could have multiple scenarios. To me motor mounts might be the biggest factor if it happens while revving the engine.