2006 Honda Civic AC Repair

How does one find a reliable shop that has the proper experience to replace the AC system which has a bad compressor? Also, what is a reasonable price range for the AC repair on this 2006 Honda Civic?

Thank you

Google to locate a certified, independent HVAC shop.
Cost depends on how many components downstream from the compressor were damaged.

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Depending in the manner in which the compressor failed, it’s impossible to say how much it’s going to cost.

And prices are based in what region you live in.

But if the compressor failed internally, these are the parts required just to start with.


In my neighborhood, that is a $1300 repair. And there are AC specialty shops everywhere.

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Thank you all for your feedback. I did try google for my Zip code area and very little came up. I will go back and try it again. I live near Philadelphia so there has to be something nearby. The car was not in an accident, so assume that most of the downstream parts may be good. I did have the AC tested by a mechanic on his machine, but unfortunately he is no longer in business. He just said the compressor.

Thanks again

Try this.shop, I highly recommend them.


That’s one of the best parts of this forum. When someone actually reveals where he/she lives when asking about good repair shops, many of us can recommend a shop not far from the OP’s home.

Kudos to old_mopar_guy!


Thank you Mopar Guy!

What do you mean by “most of the downstream parts may be good.”?

If the compressor was trashed this means at a minimum the accumulator needs to be replaced, the condenser at a bare minimum should be thoroughly flushed if not replaced, and the expansion valve should be changed along with flushing the entire system out.

If the compressor was trashed and a new one installed without the above then that compressor will not be new for very long.

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Leo I would add that, in addition to @ok4450 's great advice above, you not tell whoever you take the car to that it needs a new compressor. Neither you or I know that it does. It’s simply what one individual told you. Just say “My air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling” and let the shop diagnose it.


+1… I can’t upvote that comment enough!


Sounds like good advice. I will have them diagnose.

Thanks again everyone

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I haven’t seen @Honda-Blackbird in awhile, but he’s based around the Philadelphia area somewhere. If he can’t fix it, I’m sure he knows someone who could. You might try to send him a DM and see if he responds. (if the shop that @old_mopar_guy recommended can’t do it).

Blackbird was having some difficulties and mentioned taking a break.

that’s too bad, I hope he’s ok

Me too. Ten character minimum

Thanks. I will see if I can locate him/her.