2006 Honda Civic Cpe - AC compressor issues

My car a/c just started blowing hot air, could it be a leak or something worse like compressor & how much should I expect to pay for the repair? 59,000 miles orig owner

Since air conditioner is not a do it yourself type of repair only a AC shop can answer your question and you will just have to pay a diagnostic fee most likely and tell them you want to approve the work before they do it.


$150 to 15,000. How can anybody guess online?

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Years ago it cost me $600 to have the AC repaired on a Pontiac. Figure a good bit more today.

My AC repair on a 2004 vehicle was just short of $1400.

Your results may vary.

Not enough info to make a much of a guess. Given the age of the car, a wild guess might be that the system charge is low and that is not allowing the low pressure switch to kick the compressor in.

Units leak a bit over time and that is normal. Try having it charged a bit and also add a little bit of refrigerant oil. With refrigerant leaks there is always some oil loss and the latter is often what caused catastrophic damage to the compressor.
No need to panic just yet.