AC Replacement for 2005 Honda CRV

I was told by Honda service that the AC system needs complete replacement at a cost of $3300. Should I get other quotes or does this seem in the ballpark. They attempted to recharge and replace refrigerant and found that the system had imploded and a new compressor would not solve the problem. Does this sound accurate?

I’ve been servicing/repairing AC systems for over 30 years, and I have never seen a system implode.

Take your vehicle to an independent shop that specializes in AC service/repair.


There does seem to be something to this:

Black Death is when a compressor fails internally.

This is a well known phrase in the AC repair industry.

But that won’t cause an AC system to implode.

Pressure switches in the AC system won’t allow the system to build that kind of pressure to cause that to happen.


My vote is with Tester. A catastrophic compressor failure is no reason to replace every single thing on the car. It’s curable for far less without a home equity loan.

Here’s the problem. If something seriously breaks apart in the AC path, small bits of metal debris can go almost anywhere. So what can happen if you don’t replace the entire works is that those bits dislodge after you’ve installed a new component, and ruin that component you just installed.

I agree with the advise above to take your Honda to an AC specialist, and see what they think. If you decide to replace only certain parts, make sure the shop takes precautions to prevent the above from happening. Here’s a 4 part series on AC woes, if interested.

Yes, after a compressor failure the system has to be purged and some additional items should be replaced.

The last time I had a quote on that from a good shop was for my 1984 Impala in 1996 and it came to $900 for a rebuilt compressor. I would probably double that for today. Still no reason to get rid of the car.

If your compressor “grenaded” internally and the debris has fouled the A/C system, the proper repair would be to replace the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, receiver/drier if not an integral part of the condenser, flush all the hoses and hard lines, and flush or replace the evaporator. This can easily reach $2000. $3300 seems a bit high, but if using all new Honda factory parts I can see how they got there.

A qualified reputable independent shop should save you some money over the dealer.

After the repair verify that the condenser fans are working properly.

Thanks for all the great comments. I’m taking it to an independent shop.

My 2004 CRV-EX did the same thing. $2300 If you’re in the Indianapolis are ASG did mine and gave a four year warranty.