2006 Honda Accord Sdn - Water in trunk of Accord

I usually find water inside the trunk of my honda accord 2006 model anytime it rains and I find this seriously disturbing

Have someone get in the trunk with a flashlight and close the lid.

With a garden hose, spray water everywhere on top of the back of the car and at the tail lights to see if they can see any water coming in.

And make sure the person in the trunk doesn’t have the keys in their pocket.


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Tail lights are a common culprit. Open the trunk and look how watercomes down from the rear windshield, and into a channel that then goes around the trunk and out over the top edge of the tail lights. Look carefully in that area for a damaged, loose sealing etc. This is especially the case if a tail light has ever been replaced.

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Yeah, common points of leaks are from the above window seals, or the rubber molding for the trunk. Or seals around the tail lights or any place else that looks suspicious. Using a hose over everything is a way to test.

I had a leak in the trunk that I had trouble finding. It was significant enough for water to collect under the spare. I re-sealed the tail lights and all the weld joints. Finally I discover a grommet under the bumper that had not been replaced when I had a trailer hitch put in. So persistence is key.

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