2015 Ford Explorer - Noise with new exhaust

I just got a y-pipe & two mufflers on my Ford Explorer. I thought I was getting a noise free start up. It now sounds like a raggedy car now. It’s louder as I take off & loud on cruise at 60 mph on thruway. I hope I don’t get a ticket for this. What the service did wrong?

Exhaust system may have leak. Shop overlooked one of the needed connections maybe. Take it back and ask them to take a look-see what’s causing all the noise. Do this asap, b/c chance loose parts will start falling off as you drive. Also not every muffler design silences as well, so perhaps your new mufflers aren’t designed to silence the sound as much as the prior ones. Some car owners like a more noisy car so maybe shop thinks you are one of those types of owners. If so, ask them to replace w/ quieter mufflers.

Sorry , but that can’t be answered over the web . You just have to return to the shop and tell them you are not pleased with the noise.


Does this exhaust system have a brand name like Borla, Magnaflow or Gibson?

As above replies. Take it back. There are other sources of leaks/noise. Leaks can be dangerous, carbon monoxide can enter the cabin.

Maybe someone stole your catalytic converter… or thought they did and actually cut off a resonator. Take it back to the muffler shop.

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