2004 GMC Envoy XL - Too loud

I have a envoy xl when I drive it’s kind of loud. What can I do to make it stop.

I see a muffler shop in your future .


Ask your shop to inspect the entire length of the exhaust system, they may find a leak has opened up due to rust/parts separation/etc to explain the excess noise. They might also find the catalytic converter has been stolen, not an uncommon thing these days. Usually when that happens tho it isn’t just slightly loud, it is really loud. If everything in the exhaust system remains intact, there may be a super-duper after-market muffler available for your GMC. You might want to check at Rockauto.com, see what they have there in the way of mufflers that fit your Envoy. Other problems can cause noise as well, your shop will know about diagnosing those too.

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bad exhaust manifold another possibility, can you pinpoint the noise while idling in park?

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Have someone check if the radiator fan clutch is operating properly.




If the fan clutch is locked up, the OP could sell it to Rick :wink:.


How long have they had electrically controlled plug-in fan clutches like that? I hadn’t seen one before.

The Trailblazers had them their entire time of manufacture except the last two years (2008-2009 ) when they went back to the mechanical clutch because they were having so many issues with the electro mechanical ones .

These were famous for having cracked exhaust manifolds . Most got them eventually . Looking at $700 if that has to be replaced .Is it really loud whenb started cold ? If so it is most likely the manifold .

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