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2006 Ford Taurus Electrical Problems

I am having a problem when starting my 2006 Ford Taurus. It used to happen only in the winter time when it got really cold, but now it is happening more frequently. When I try to turn it over, the engine will not start and the gauges will start shaking while there is a clicking noise. The only way to start it after that is to jump it. Please help me before I take it into a mechanic and it becomes a very costly venture. This is a needed vehicle in our household. Thanks!

The trouble you describe appears to be due to a weak battery. The first thing I recommend you do is clean the battery connections. If that doesn’t help then have the battery condition checked. You are about due for a new one if it is the original one for the car.

I can only add a little to what Cougar suggested. After the battery connections (both ends of the cables) have been cleaned and retightened, if that does not do it, remember, you don’t need to take it back to the dealer.

Your best deal will be an independent local mechanic. Avoid all those quick oil change places. If it is the battery, your local auto parts store may check the battery for you for FREE and if you need a new battery, they can usually supply that and install it for a reasonable price.

Thank you for the responses! I appreciate it! This is not the original battery. It has been changed out twice since we bought this vehicle. It appears that checking the battery is the logical solution, but I don’t think this is the cause of the problem because a car should not go through a battery every two years. So, why is it going through batteries so fast? Is this a ground issue somewhere in the vehicle where the juice isn’t getting to the battery or possibly the juice not getting from the battery to the starter?

If the battery condition is ok but just low on charge then the alternator charging circuit needs to be checked. Have a load test done on the system to see what that shows. There could be a connection problem between the alternator output and the battery or the alternator may have a problem. The could also be a grounding problem as you thought. A proper load test on the charging system will show how well the charging system is working.

Cougar,thank you very much…as your response will help a lot! I have an appointment set up to take the car in tomorrow, and specifically being able to ask them to run a load test will eliminate time and hopefully help produce a result that keeps the car starting continuously from now on!