Ford Taurus does not start (sometimes)

From time to time, my 2004 Ford Taurus station wagon won’t start. There are no constant factors involved, as far as I can tell. I’ll turn the key and the only noise I hear is a fast clicking (chattering) sound which seems to be coming from the instrument panel. After 3-4 tries, something “happens” and it starts up with no problem.

The trouble may be due to a faulty ignition or fuel delivery system. You need to figure out which it is. You could try carrying some starter fluid with you and when the trouble happens again spray some fluid into the intake and see if the engine tries to fire then. If you still get no action then you most likely have an ignition problem.

I think Cougar interpreted that as a full cranking of the engine with no firing up problem. The description sounded more to me like a no-cranking situation - as in you just get clicking noise when you turn the key.

Anyway, if that is the story then this is often a simple matter of dirty/corroded connections at the battery or thereabouts. Clean your battery terminals up really well. Follow the cables around and clean up any connections you find from the cables - grounds are especially important. If cleaning things up doesn’t work, start splitting the insulation on the cables looking for hidden crud underneath.

You are so right Cigroller (my bad). After reading the post again I totally agree with you. Bad battery connections are most likely causing the trouble. Thanks for the heads-up.