Ford Ranger no heat

My girlfriend recently bought a 93 Ford Ranger. We can’t get any heat at all out of the heater. I’m wondering where the valve is that controls water to the heater core. Or, do Chilton or Haynes manuals cover heaters in enough depth to trouble shoot?

They most likely do! If you buy one, Haynes preferred, you will likely find extensive diagrams and some trouble-shooting instructions. Even if you can’t fix it yourself, you will learn a lot about your Ranger and be in a much better position to expalian things to your mechanic.

has it EVER had heat? or is this something new? have you checked the radiator level? NOT the overflow expansion tank, but the radiator. when the truck is warm have you felt the radiator hoses top and bottom to see if they are warm? (not to burst your bubble, but… a cheap quick fix for a leaking heater core (inside the truck) is to cut off the hoses in the engine compartment and hook them together, bypassing the heater) look under the hood and find the hoses which go into the firewall and see if any have been messed with.

are you talking about the interior heat not on, or the FAN not on? does the fan run at the different speeds?

if you move the heat temp dial all the way to HOT, turn off the truck for about a minute. then restart the truck. does it blow warm air then? but if you just touch the temp dial it goes cold?

It has never had heat. The previous owner had the same problem. The radiator is full. The radiator hoses to the engine are warm. The engine thermostat has been replaced. The heater hoses have not been tampered with. I pulled a hose off what looks like a temperature sensor in the heater hose between the engine and the firewall and water came out; I could see through the sensor and it was not blocked. The fan works fine; it just blows cold air even with the temp lever all the way on hot.

Tried the suggestion re turn the heat up, turn off truck, wait a minute, restart the truck; still no warm air whatsoever…

I believe that Rangers kept the hot water valve way of controlling heat long after many vehicles have switched to blend doors. If there is a valve I would be looking under the hood under the hood. If it has a blend door, that could be the problem. It might be stuck. The blend door controls flow of air across the heater core and they can be difficult to get to under the dash.

The heater hoses should be HOT not warm, if the engine is warmed up. Take the heater hoses off carefully and flush the heater core with a garden hose. I recommend cutting the hoses off. If you stress the heater core pipes too much you will have to replace the heater core!

does this have AC?

there is a valve in the hose, just before the hose goes through the firewall. this valve controls the water to the heater core inside the truck. find that valve, and give it a smack. you probably should do the mentioned cutting of hoses, and flushing the heater core.

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