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2006 Ford Focus - new gas tank, now it won’t start!

i have a 2006 ford focus zx4 2 liter changed the gas tank now I have a turnover no start fuel pump pumps gas to the rail but not beyond the Schrader valve is on the return line and no pressure there the fuel pump is working and I even put the old gas tank in to see if it would fix the problem to no avail there is no way both tans with separate pumps can be gone put obd on there cleared all codes say car is fine no codes but there is still the engine light on and won’t clear I’m stumped I can fill a two-liter bottle at the rail here the pump but can’t get pressure past that

Sentences would be good.

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sorry, I can’t read run on text like this, with no structure.


sentences would be very helpful in understanding what you have going on, but here are a couple of things:
-The check engine light should stay on until the engine is started. This is normal.
-Why did you replace the fuel tank? What were the original symptoms that made you decide to do that?
-How much fuel pressure do you have? How much should you have?
-What codes did it have before you cleared them?

It sounds like the fuel pump is able to move the gasoline out of the tank and to the fuel rail, but not able to build up the fuel to the needed pressure to work with the injectors. the injectors require a minimum pressure at the fuel rail to inject fuel. Less than that, you even tho the injectors are getting pulsed, you’ll get no fuel. Suggest to focus on why you are not getting the spec’d fuel pressure at the fuel rail during cranking. You might have a bad connection in the power to the fuel pump for example, so it is running at the proper voltage. That could cause this symptom. An obstructed fuel line could cause it too. Likewise fuel pressure regulation problem.

the only reason I changed the tank is it had a leak at the to if I filled the tank it leaked until top quarter was gone, I had evap codes and check fuel cap codes, I have two cars one for parts both run and started. I have tried old tank to it does the same thing so i know it not the pump it has to be electrical or like you say kinked fuel line i have change fuel filter so it not that i will try the line from the tank to the filter and if that doesn’t work then its voltage or something

It’s usually possible to figure out a way to run the pump without having to crank the engine. That might make the diagnostic process easier.

it’s not the fuel pump or the line or fuel pressure have changed them both but no pulse at the injectors. still stuck on this issue. but that’s what I have narrowed it down to I have power going to them but no pulse

The engine computer won’t pulse the injectors unless it has sensed the engine is rotating. Maybe a problem with a crank or cam sensor.