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F150 fuel pump

Went to start “Larry”, my 1990 Ford F150, the engine cranked but did not start. I switched to the other fuel tank and it started right up. The tank I normally use is the rear one and the pump had been getting noisier while it was running so I knew it would be soon to fail and it made no sounds when I checked it later to see if it would click and whir. I pulled the tank and installed a new pump. To test it I turned the key and heard the pump whir and stop. I turned the key to start and it started and died a couple times. Front tank switched on and the truck started. While running I switched to rear tank and it died. So I have the pump in and it sounds like it runs up to pressure but the fuel is not moving. Thought maybe I had fuel lines crossed but my manual seems to indicate they are two different sizes so that left me scratching my head… I have years of experience doing all my own wrenching but this is my first in-tank pump replacement. I have assisted a friend on a couple but never really wanted to pull a fuel tank and in my case this job required I remove the tow hitch set up as well. The hand pump for $9 at Harbor Freight was worth every cent as it made moving fuel to front tank a snap. So what the heck is happening? I don’t see how a pump could be installed wrong, it is getting power on initial key turn…I should add the only time it did start I presume was because of fuel in the line that the front tank had supplied on previous start ups…

Maybe the tank switching valve is faulty.

I assume you mean the valve that handles fuel since the switch to change pumps is working. I was reading the manual and was slightly boggled at all the things that actually control fuel flow and what you suggested I recall reading something about it. Thanks and I will read again that part and read it again and again! Never too old to learn…

You may find this link helpful.

My 93 put on ice for the moment due to a rusted Oil pan, love driving a classic.

It has been a while but I thought I would post the cure to the problem. At some point putting the tank back in the fuel line kinked and thus no fuel could pass. Visually one cannot see on top of an installed tank. I dropped it down a bit reached in and felt the kink. Problem solved.


Glad it was a simple fix! Thanks for the update, even if it it’s a few years down the road. It’s nice to see some of these problems get to resolution :slight_smile:

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