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Focus fuel pump

2006 focus, 114K, started hearing grinding from tank. Replaced fuel filter, then pump and strainers, same noise. Usually won’t start first time, but turning off and on again and letting pump run each time usually works. No issue when running. Is there something other than the pump that might be causing this problem?

You have the purge valve for the evap canister, it’s outside the tank. I’m not sure if that’s it but could check it out. Maybe clog in the injectors. I would say maybe something rubbing/vibrating on the fuel line, but that wouldn’t make it hard to start. Nothing else in there but the pump and sending unit. Could check the fuel pressure as well.

Are you able to turn the pump on and off at will for testing purposes? If so, does that confirm the noise only occurs when the pump it on? Never hear it otherwise?

I will take a look.