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2006 Ford Explorer Washer Fluid Pump Issue

I’ve replaced the washer pump on my 2006 Explorer XLT and still have no fluid spraying. I cleared the tubes with compressed air, so I’m thinking it is probably a fuse. However, I’m having trouble finding which fuse the washer pump uses, all diagrams I have found have no label for it. There is no fuse or relay labeled for the washer pump on this iteration of the Explorer. Any help would be appreciated

Remove the hoses from the spray nozzles and then run the washers. If washer fluid comes out the hoses the nozzles are plugged.

Otherwise, check fuse 37, 30 amp located in the battery junction/fuse block under the hood.


Thanks for the reply. I did check Fuse 37 as it was the only one that might have had a play here. It was good, also I blew the hoses already. I do not even hear the pump hum when I turn the switch. The wipers come on like they should when I hit the pump switch but no pump action at all.

Then it probably needs a windshield washer pump.,2006,explorer,4.0l+v6,1432148,wiper+&+washer,windshield+washer+pump,8840


I already replaced the pump with a brand new one, so it’s not a faulty pump. Any other ideas?

Probably don’t have much choice, but trying to trace for voltage from the pump back to the fuse and relay/switch on the windshield lever.

All right. Thanks. So the fuse/Relay is in the lever, not in the fuse boxes?

My mistake, I wasn’t clear. The fuse is in the fuse box. I was trying to say to trace the voltage from the switch to the pump.

All right. Any idea which fuse could be the culprit? I’ve looked through my car manual and online and can’t find it on the 2006 model. Thanks for the reply.

“Tester” gave you the answer earlier.

I would check the voltage at the plug for the pump first, have an assistant hold the washer in the on position. If no voltage then hunting for the break begins. If voltage is present, your new pump is bad.

Okay, thanks a lot.