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2006 Ford Explorer Sport Trac has persistent seal leaks

Engine Rear Main SEAL Leaks.
I went to Mechanic and he Changed and again leaked. Then changed again but still not fitting the new SEAL to stop leaks. I bought the original SEALs form Ford Parts.

How many miles on the truck? if the crankshaft it worn , new seals won’t work unless the crank is sleeved. If the crankcase ventilation system is plugged, the oil will blow past good seals.


How much oil is leaking? Can you just keep it topped off?

You can buy a whole lot of oil for what you probably have paid and will pay in parts and labor. Something to consider.

Ask your shop to double-check the pcv system is working properly. A faulty pcv system can over-pressurize the crankcase and cause repeate oil leaks.

Your shop removed the flex-plate, spacer plate, oil slinger, used the correct silicone sealer, lubed the seal before installing it, right?

I see the mexhanic dis mot put any silicon or didn’t lubricate the seal, He opened the seal from tje case and installed it. What is the correct procedure please.

Thanks and appreciate.

Z. Rather

Ford recommends a complicated procedure. Too complicated to post here. Suggest to consult the factory service data.

Thanks and appreciate your time and reply.
In case there is any procedures online, kindly share the link.

Further do we need to apply any kind of silicon on the outer side of the Seal to srick firm.