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2006 ford expedition no start no crank

i have a 2006 ford expedition that has a no start no crank i have changed the variable camshaft solenoids and the starter and i talk to a moble machanic and he said that my 5.7L V8 triton engine has a electric sensor on the transmission how would i replace that or how would i know if that is the problem since my truck doesnt have a code

Do you think he may have meant the neutral safety switch? Sometimes shifting to neutral will allow the engine to crank and start. Could simply be loose linkage.
There are you tube videos to help you.

where is it located at do you know

This is for an F150, an Expedition should be similar

A no-crank might be caused by the starter, but unlikely to be related to anything w/the camshaft. Rather than replacing parts suggest a proper diagnosis would be the better method. When you replace a part for no reason, the new part may have a problem the original part didn’t, so you are introducing more problems rather than eliminating them. Pay a shop to diagnose the problem for you, then you can fix it yourself if you like. What they’ll do is a quick visual inspection, then if the cause is still unknown they’ll make a couple of voltage measurements at the starter motor during attempted cranking.

I would also check all the fuses and ignition switch.