2006 Ford Escape 87,000 miles

I am looking at a 2006 Ford Escape 4X4 V6 with 87,000 miles. What usually goes wrong with Ford Escapes with this much milage? The dealer is offering a 36,000 mile/36 month mechanical warranty. asking price is $10,959. Is this a good deal? The car is in very good condition. CarFax checks out good. I like the car because it has the safety pkg includes side passenger bag. The car has been driven in Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan

Nada book says 9950 clean trade, so the price might be in the ballpark. I used the Limited trim line, because you didn’t say which trimline this Escape has.

Consumer Reports says it is average in overall reliability. Particular issues are drive system and brakes for 2006. non-4x4 versions are more reliable overall.

Thanks for the tip. It’s an XLT. Clean car. I’m of course concerned about the power train.

Go to nadaguides.com and you can get a better estimate than what I provided, guessing. Would suggest that you have a mechanic give it a good going over pre-purchase inspection before you buy. Ask him to pay special attention to the drive train.

Based on the miles, I suspect this vehicle spent a lot of time on the highway. Those are easy miles on a car, generally.

Just went to NADA. Thanks for the tip. I plan to do the test drive tomorrow and take it to my mechanic for 20+ years on Tuesday.


Trade-In Average
Trade-In Clean
Trade-In Clean
Base Price
$8,825 $10,000 $10,950 $13,250
87,000 miles -$2,000 -$2,000 -$2,000 -$2,000
TOTAL PRICE $6,825 $8,000 $8,950 $11,250*

I checked out the vehicle today. It’s rough. Too many miles. Moving on. Thanks.