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Reasonable Life Expectancy for My Ford Escape

I have a 2004 Ford Escape XLT with 87,000 miles on it that’s running fine and looks OK. I’d like to keep it since it is paid for and I’m nearing retirement. What’s a reasonable long-life mileage expectancy if I continue to take good car of it? Is there anything in particular I need to do to insure it lasts? And, finally, will towing a trailer it is rated and equipped for shorten its lifespan?

Good care and a little luck you should be able to get another 87,000 miles.

Make sure you do all the recommended maintenance as listed in the owner's manual.  I would also add a transmission fluid exchange w/filter cleaning. (No a flush is not the same or as good, just get it changed.

Trailer towing will shorten the lifespan, but if you are not stretching it too far (too heavy or too many miles, it should not make much of a change.   What weight does Ford recommend and what weight are you planing to tow?

If you continue to take good care of it, keep it clean, perform maintenance as required by the book, and make needed repairs in a timely manner, a fair estimate for life expectancy for this car is another 10-15 years before it rusts out, provided you are in a seasonal climate. I live in IL and have a 21 year old car that has just about had it as far as rust goes. Mileage wise, maintain the vehicle properly and the sky’s the limit. If you have the Duratec V6 you may need new timing chains around 200,000 miles. They tend to wear out around that point.

Keep the body in good shape and it’s worth it to do the rest in mechanical repairs for years to come. Body repair is where the real expense is as once it’s uninspectable, no amount of “good” maintenance is worth a hill of beans. Taking care includes that good body maintenance…keep it and enjoy it you’re willing.

If you maintain it properly and deal with little things that come up every now and then before they become big(read; expensive) problems, then you’ll likely tire of the car before it’ll die.