2006 Ford E250 - Shaking stopped now that engine is blown

First week owned, shaking all over the place, was told it’s the tires, bought new tires, still shaking. Complained over and over only to be told it was the tires. Come to find out at personal mechanic it was the injectors 4 bad. Ford dealer would not fic saying they are good. Now the engine oil and bearing went out, no sign of trouble on the gage or stick. Engine blown. This year was the worst year!

4 bad fuel injectors? Didn’t it shake just idling in driveway? Or did you only notice shaking when driving?

In the way of misery loves company, here in the San Francisco Bay Area we have a public transport system called BART. A sort of train. For years and years BART has had a problem with flat spots on the train’s wheels. Caused train to shake when moving. Finally they switched to a different type of wheel, cost a bundle, recently tested, those wheels are getting flat spots too … lol …

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A 17 year old truck with what, 150,000 miles?, 200,000 miles??, is having problems? Who would have thought? Everybody. Absolutely everybody.

From this site:

Problems for the E250s are very few and 2006 is one of the BEST years for the model.

Why would you think Ford would do anything about problems in a 17 year old truck 12 years out of warranty. Your expectations were far too high for this truck.


So, if the rest of this cargo van is in good condition, repair or replace the engine. Otherwise, sell it for parts or scrap.

did you take this vehicle to your personal mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection?

What does mechanic suggest you do now?

where did you purchase this vehicle? any chance on 1 week or 30 day warranty?

A dealership will replace them, all of them if you tell them to. They did you a favor by suggesting you don’t waste your money.
You need a better mechanic to diagnose your problem.