Violent Shaking



I was driving down the highway and all of a sudden it felt like my tire exploded but all were fine. The shaking starts at around 15 mph and gets worse with speed. What could have caused such a sudden problem?


Several possibilities:

  • Tire worn out.

  • Lost a wheel-balancing weight.

  • Drive shaft too straight (U-joint in gimbal lock).

  • Damaged suspension.

  • Missing cylinder in transverse engine.


You gave precious little info here.
How many miles on the truck, any Check Engine Light coming on, etc?
Does the engine appear to run fine while sitting at an idle or when revved while stopped?


There is about 140,000 miles on the truck (S10 Extreme) No lights comming on or anything like that. Engine runs perfect. Tires are fine, suspension is good. I did change a broken U-joint about 4 months ago. Havent been able to look at it just yet. It was towed to a friends house. Im just trying to make a list of things to look at and get an idea of where to start. The transmission or transfer case wouldnt cause the shaking would it?


How did you know that it was a truck?


By the tags for a search


Tires are fine, suspension is good

How do you know this is true? Have the tyres been checked? A belt could have slipped, did you check for that? Have you checked all suspension parts for defects? How about struts and/or shocks?

We don’t really have a lot to go and and much of your explication is vague enough that it is not certain what you mean. For example has this happened just once or does it vibrate every time you drive it under like conditions?


lol, the giant words at the bottom of the post… gotcha :slight_smile: