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Dodge Dakota Delayed shift


I just recently purchased a 2006 Dakota with the 4.7 V8 and a 5 speed transmission. My issue is that when I go to work in the morning (cold 32 or lower) the trans doesn’t want to shift. the engine will rev 2K + before it will shift and once on the highway it will not shift into OD until a few minutes has gone by. The colder the worse this gets. Any idea would be appreciated. Should the dealer be able to fix this? They are already giving me the “this is common” line.



Do you have a warranty on this car? Did you buy it from a new car dealer or a used car dealer? This is not normal behavior for any transmission. If you have a warranty, document everything. Get a copy of any work order. If they won’t write a work order accuratly describing the problem, email them an exact description of the problem. You can also send them a registered or certified letter.
Of course the dealer can fix it , but it may require a new or rebuilt transmission.

I forgot to mention that once the car has been running and warmed up (5+ min) everything seems to work normal.

From page 207 of the 2006 Dakota Owners Manual;
NOTE: If the vehicle is started in extremely cold temperatures,
the transmission may not shift into Overdrive
and will automatically select the most desirable gear for
operation at this temperature. Normal operation will
resume when the transmission fluid temperature has
risen to a suitable level. Refer also to the Note under
torque converter clutch, later in this section.