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2006 Dodge Charger Police Cruiser

Our police department has a 2006 Dodge Charger Police Cruiser with less than 50k miles. Intermittenly when the car turns left (never when turning right) it stalls…obviously dangerous when chasing the bad guys at high speed. It will start right up when you turn the ignition switch off then on again. It only happens occasionally but we have had to sideline the vehicle for safety reasons. The dealers have no clue nor do our local mechanics. Anyone have any ideas? thanks!

You should have kept the Crown Vics…

we have those too but you can spot those a mile away…the charger is next to you before you recognize it!

I dunno Chargers are getting pretty ubiquitous around here. It’s pretty easy to tell if it’s police car. They are one color, the wheels are less extravagant. And the kicker is dual exhaust, the 2.7L isn’t offered in the police version, it’s either the 3.5L or the 5.7L both of which have dual exhaust. Basically the cop car has dual exhausts, but looks like the basic model, where as the civy SXT/RT models will have dual exhaust, but they’ll have a spoiler and more decals on it and usually more trim pieces. The grill on the cop Chargers has a black plastic grid behind it that houses extra blue lights as well.

If you know what to look for, spotting a Charger police car isn’t much harder than spotting a P71.

As for your problem with the car cutting out. Sounds like there may be a short in the steering wheel or steering column.