2006 Dodge Charger 2.7L. it cranks but doesn't start

When i try to turn on my car it cranks but it doe not start. It starts when i pump the gas pedal multiple times but when i let go of the gas it just dies. i have used a scanner to find any codes but no codes come outs. need help any advice

Get your fuel pump pressure tested. I would replace the fuel filter as well. Modern fuel injected engines have a hard time starting if the fuel pressure is not up to specs.

the fuel pressure is good because i tested it. thanks but is there more that can cause that problem

Sure but it’s hard to diagnose a problem like this without hands on the vehicle. One problem that I do know of is a faulty auto choke/shutdown relay be be bad which may cause your vehicle to flood. Pumping the gas pedal normally does nothing for a fuel injected engine except in the case of flooding. You may also have fuel injectors that are stuck in an open position. Try the relay since they are cheap and easy to install. After that…you need a good independent mechanic to properly diagnose the problem. Good luck.

Clean the throttle body.

ok so where is that faulty auto choke/shutdown relay located? i have replaced crank sensors and cam sensors to new condition but the cars is still the same
P.S i am a mechanic just need advice from other experienced people. thank you

Does the engine seem to run ok as long as you press on the gas enough to keep it idling at the correct idle rpm, or in norming driving, above the idle rpm? If so there may just be a problem with the mechanism(s) that control the idle rpm. Cleaning/replacing the affected parts usually fixed that.

If the engine just plain isn’t running well, no matter how much you press on the gas, then it’s more complicated. It could be any combo of the ignition, fuel, timing, compression, or exhaust systems. My hunch is that this is an ignition system problem. Any good inde shop should be able to diagnose it for you, then you could fix it yourself if you wanted.

The Auto choke/shutdown relay is in the Power Distribution Center (PDC) under the hood. Check the PDC cover for location of the relay.

What is fuel pressure? You have tester?

It would help us if we knew what fuel pressure you had on the system.

Pressure at an idle and what pressure was held when the car was shut off and for how long did you keep the pressure tester connected after shutting the engine off.


the fuel pressure is 59 PSI and is normal every time we have tested and never went down even when we shut off the engine. have the pressure gauge connected. thank you
any other ideas will help

Scope sez you have spark at plugs during cranking?

compression is good on all cylinders?

Well, having fuel pressure is no guarantee that injectors are firing. Or firing right. Don’t know if 2.7 has cop ignition. Don’t own a dodge. Might have to replace ecm. That always works. To drive up repair cost.