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2006 Dakota 4.7 V8 won't accelerate after hitting curb

I hit a curb on the passenger front tire sideways going about 30-35 mph this morning trying to avoid a head on collision with a moron flying around a sharp corner on the wrong side on the road. Aside from a damaged rim and flat tire now my 4x4 06’Dakota won’t accelerate properly. (Like it’s stuck in a higher gear? Anyone have any ideas what that could be?Preformatted text

Is the speedometer working? If one of the wheel speed sensors is damaged the TCM won’t know the vehicle speed and will put the transmission in limp mode, I believe that is 3rd gear on the 545RFE.

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Yes the speedometer is working. I’m not very handy when it comes to mechanic stuff. There is a small puddle of reddish brown fluid under the truck

The front differential may have been damaged when striking the curb with the front wheel, and is now leaking.