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Dodge Dakota loss of power

Hey, I have a 2002 V6 Dodge Dakota that just recently lost pretty much all power. It will not go above 20 mph and has a hard time going up any hills. I was driving on the interstate and initially was having a hard time reaching 65 mph. The truck would roar and then shift and then lose power and shift down a gear. Eventually it lost almost all power and is now barely drive-able. It makes a sound like an ATV at low speeds, kind of a deep humming sound. When I punch the gas in neutral in makes the same sound. I have had problems with it stalling before and am at a complete loss as to the cause. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

It sounds like either a fuel pressure problem or a plugged exhaust. Both can be readily checked with a fuel pressure gauge and a vacuum gauge.

For the record, I’m leaning towards a collapsed catalytic converter, but that is strictly an educated guess based on your description

Thanks for the help! You were 100% correct! It was an exhaust problem, catalytic converter to be specific. Got that taken care of and now it runs great! Thanks again!