99 dodge dakota wont excelerate at first then clears up

I have a 99 dodge dakota 5.2L V8 4X4 with 230K This question was previously posted last year but the was not clear. it describes my situation to a T. My truck occasionally will not accelerate when I press the gas. In fact, it “gags” and actually slows down or coughs. Most noticeable in 1st or 2nd gear (manual trans, but it will happen at any speed. It never stalls, although it will idle rough sometimes. I can cure it by flooring the gas pedal. I replaced plugs, wires, and dist cap, but it hasn’t helped. Not sure what direction to go.Any thoughts?

Is there a check engine light, by chance?

So far you have mostly covered ignition components (except that you probably still do have an ignition coil that could be having trouble).

Have you checked the fuel pressure? I would do that next. I would be looking either for low pressure, or perhaps pressure problems that might be coming from a leaking fuel pressure regulator or injector.

PCV valve?

I will that next. The truck wont start now. How can I check the fuel pressure with the vehicle off? Thanks

What is a PVC valve & where is it located

The fuel pump pressurizes even without the truck running, so you can get a static pressure read (you’ll need a gauge). Its best though to be able to watch the pressure as it runs. But for right now at least make sure that your static pressure is within specs. You can probably find the proper pressure range at Autozone’s website if you don’t have a manual (register, plug in vehicle info, go to Repair Info).

Of course, this stutter you had might have been the last chokes of the pump dying. If you just turn the key to start without cranking (just to where the dash lights come on) can you hear a faint hum for 2-3 seconds? That will be the fuel pump running. If you don’t hear it stick your ear to the gas tank while someone turns on the key for you. If you don’t hear it first check the fuses/relays (check the owner’s manual or Autozone’s site).

How old is your fuel filter?

My '01 was doing the same thing. It’s most likely, as it was on mine, one or multiple bad oxygen sensors.