2006 Chrylser Towne & Country Van 44,000 miles

Today I read in the paper that Wisconsin still leads the nation with the most adult drinkers. We’re #1!!! Now I know why! I am about to “tie” one on myself! Our T&C Chrysler 06 minivan has to have the tie rod ends replaced about every 20,000 miles. Luckily it has an extended warranty. But it is still unnerving why an otherwise wonderful vehicle needs this done so frequently. The dealer staff shrug their collective shoulders and say nothing when asked why. Do you have any idea why these tie rod ends seem to fail? Could it be the bump-ity-bump of the car going over expansion joints in our concrete roads? Please help.

Bob Metzger

Platteville, Wisconsin

i have a question for you.

why do the tie rod ends need replacing?

what are the symptoms?

who is specifying this?

and what is the difference before and after they are replaced?

My 2004 Caravan has had most of the steering components changed more than once, even had the rack and pinion replaced at about 40,000 miles.

Anyway, I asked the same question and the reply I received was that it had to do with the harsh winters, excessive road salt, and the poor condition of the roads.

I think poor qualify parts has something to do with it as well.

I recently moved and had to have the vehicle safetied in order to change provinces. Had the left tie-rod end changed for the 3rd time in 75,000 km.

Go to www.allpar.com (forums) for more information on your van.