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Chrysler Crossfire Tie Rod End Wear

Greetings - I recently took my Chrysler Crossfire in for inspection and was told that it needed Inner and Outer tie rod ends. As I was told, they cannot be replaced individually (part of some unit). The cost to install the full unit is appox $650.00. A couple of things don’t sit well with me. First, the car has 53,000 miles on it – mostly highway and it was not driven harshly. Is it typical for tie rod ends wear out on this car (or any car) within 53,000 miles? Second, $650.00 seems excessive, especially for Southwest Virginia.

Anyone have experience on opinion on these issues? THX!

Doesn’t this Crossfire have that 60000 mi. bumper to bumper warranty? You haven’t given the year of the car???
I believe I would seek out another opinion. (like a good independent front-end alignment shop)
Might check with some friends or family for a recommendation.

It’s a 2004. Not sure that the warranty is still in effect. In any case, is 53,000 the life of tie rod ends? -THX!

I don’t have any experience with the Crossfire, but I can also tell you that my son’s and my sister’s Durangos suffered similar issues at around 50-60K miles. The parts are Chrysler-unique in the way they are sold as whole units vs pieces, and cost much more. If you can, make sure you get the longest parts warranty possible, so that you minimize your future costs if they fail again.

This type of issue is a reason why I will continue to shy away from Chrysler products in the future.

In theory 53k miles is a bit young for this problem. In practice, it’s quite possible there could be a problem depending on a few things. This could include driving conditions (lot of turning, rough roads, etc.) and environmental conditions (driving through a lot of rain, especially pooled water on the roadways).

The items you mentioned are part of the steering rack and sometimes these parts can be very difficult to find individually. The entire rack must be replaced.
It’s also possible you’re dealing with a flat out crook or a mistaken diagnosis and your vehicle does not even need these items.
Maybe another opinion would be in order.

As far as I know, Chrysler steering racks and suspension components are manufactured by TRW, a well known, reliable company. TRW also manufactures the same components for GM, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, etc, etc, etc. so it’s not an issue of Chrysler manufacturing bad parts.