Aspen 2008 broken tie rod

Was driving on the highway in long island worst roads in the US. Hit a water drain on the driver side. It was only a slight dip on the road but it was eno ugh to pop the rod off the ball joint. I was able to smack it back on to get to a mechanics shop at the next exit. After getting the part changed. Also let me mention i just changed the passanger side one and 2 years ago i changed both sides. Crazy how fast they go out seems odd. Now I hear a slight whining under the hood and my battery light turns on after about 10 mins of driving. I’m guessing it’s the alternator just kinda odd that would be a symptom of the tie rod. The belt is attached and fine. I see no sign of anything broken or loose. Any opinions?

You’re assuming the tie rod problem and the alternator are related failures. IMHO their only relationship is age.

I dont think I even understand this post…

His tie rod ends failed and his alternator is failing.
And he has a really good life insurance policy.
Only someone with a really, really, REALLY good insurance policy and gonads the size of watermelons would pop the tie rod end back in and drive the vehicle. I don’t have a fix for gonads that overly swollen. The condition CAN be terminal.

How do you drive on a highway and hit a water drain with the drivers side ?

If you went through 4 tie rods in 2 years, something is seriously wrong. Either you have very bad driving habits, or you are using defective parts. Or they are being installed incorrectly.

Bad roads and bad alignment can eat tie rod ends. I recommend an alignment every two years in areas with bad roads.

First; Please do not drive this car with a bad tie rod end, I’m sure you would regret it if you took out some innocent family because you were driving a dangerous car.
I’m hoping that you popped it back on, just to nurse it a mile down the road at 5 mph.

As far as the tie rod ends. you need to buy a better quality. Make sure they have a grease zerk also. Once you have replaced the tie rod end, I’d schedule a alignment and have them go over the front end real good.

The whining noise is not related to the tie rod end, but when you hit the pot hole something else happened. I would presume the whining is something in contact with the serpentine belt or a pulley. If you can loosen the belt tentioner and spin the alternator pulley by hand…you may hear the whining coming from the alternator.

Lastly; I think you need to be more cautious of your driving. Try to miss those drains.