2006 Chevy Uplander Tire Issue

I have a 2006 Uplander with 35,000 miles. About a month ago I had it serviced at an independent shop and the mechanic said I have “bumpy tires.” This morning my wife took it to the dealer for my “pre-warranty lapse” inspection. She inquired of the tires and the dealer said they are aware of the Uplanders “chopping” tires… something in the design. But he also said that it’s not a warranty item from Chevy. (I actually do trust this country dealer as I have done business with them for MANY years.) I have tried to find something online about this issue and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it.

You need to go to a tire dealer for your particular tire brand. Car dealers/manufacturers do not warranty the tires. Its a pain yes but most tire company’s/dealers are willing to help.

I also have a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander with about 35,000 miles and have not had a tire problem. I think the tires on my Uplander are Good Year. I’ll check them and post back if it is a different make of tire. At any rate, I agree with the other post that this is an issue for the tire dealer. You should have gotten this information in the warranty package that comes along with the owner’s manual.

Yes… I agree that it’s a tire problem, but my question/concern is whether or not this issue has ever been experienced. A vehicle, due to it’s design is especially rough on tires, causing them to chop. I have found articles that on the Tahoe, a particular tread pattern overheats the treads and causes them to cup. So I know that this MAY be the issue. The dealer indicates that there is a problem with the design, but I would just like to further research this to see if anyone has found a fix. (Chevy is no help.)

As I stated earlier, I have not experienced any tire problems with my 2006 Chevrolet Uplander that has gone the same number of miles that yours has. I did check my tires and they are Goodyear Integra–P225R60 by 17. Your problem may be due to the tread pattern, although if you have the same kind of tires that I have, I should be experiencing the same difficulty. I did have the intermediate steering shaft replaced under warranty which my dealer indicated was an issue with the Chevrolet Uplanders. However, I don’t see where this would cause a tire problem. The intermediate steering shaft caused sort of a bumpy feeling in the steering wheel. The institution where I am employed has Chevrolet Uplanders in the fleet. If I get a chance, I’ll ask the mechanics at our motor pool if these minivans have had tire problems.

I also have been experiencing a shimmy, but may be having more than one thing causing it. I do not have an Up Lander, I do however have a Corolla and it also has a chop. I have had it to the dealer where I bought the car used, they changed the rotors, again another test drive and still had a vibration, told me there was a chop in the back and not usually seen until around 75 to 100 thousand miles and most usually on trucks. The mechanic said this is Unusual to see in a car with only 23 thousand miles. This sounds like a mechanical problem and not a tire problem at all. Anybody with any idea?s.

On driving the car home from the shop I experienced a very bad shimmy at 65 to 75 mph after the rotary problem had been taken care of.

My sister has a 2006 Uplander and she is FOREVER having tires wear on the inside on the front of the van. She has had alignment after alignment and has faithfully had them rotated and balanced!! She can bearly get 20,000 miles out of a set of tires. What a Pain. In 4 years, she has bought 4 sets of tires and replaced 1 recently of the last set purchased. She has gone to different places for the alignments due to concerns that the previous mechanics made an error, but the problem continues!!!