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2006 Chevy Trailblazer cranks but no start

2006 Trailblazer I6 LS 2WD after market remote start

original issue: PS pump failure. Also, RR. Rack and Pinion

After installing the above mentioned, i go to start the vehicle to run the power steering pump. When turning the key and cranking the engine, i notice large amounts of smoke from the exhaust. Also the engine idled very rough so i turned the key off and shut it downed. The engine probably ran at most 5 seconds because i opened the key several times during the original repairs to close windows etc… I assumed i created a flooded condition and the smoke was just excess fuel burning out. I tried to crank the engine again but this time it was a NO START. Since the car has sat for several days over Christmas in freezing temps, i decided to disconnect battery and trickle charge to bring it up to full voltage. While the charger was doing its thing i decided to pull the spark plugs to inspect and allow gases to dissapate. The plugs seemed fine but flooded with unburnt fuel. I cleaned them all off with a wire brush and reinstalled. Then the battery was ready so i reinstalled it. At issue, Vehicle cranks but NO START. Checked all relevant fuses (10,22,23,28,29 and 47). All seemed visually intact no over heating marks.

Added heet to the fuel tank and additional 5 gallons of fresh fuel. With key turned on, i can hear the fuel pump priming although it sounds odd. Again ive pulled the spark plugs and they continue to flood.

With a test light, i verify i am getting spark to spark plugs while cranking. The plugs have about 10,000 miles on them. Otherwise seem in good working order. Keep in mind, the engine ran perfect before RR the steering system.

After some research, i pulled the throttle body and cleaned it with carb cleaner and wire brush. The butterfly valve moved fine with some finger pressure. Did not notice any damage or sounds of loose parts inside. Reinstalled all intake and performed a throttle relearn process (11 minutes key on 30 seconds key off X 3).

No cluster lights On except for MIL.

I am unsure if this issue has to do with passlok. I do not see the car with a lock light on the dashboard.

Attempted to start the engine with transmission in nuetral position, expierenced same crank. NO START.

Looked around engine compartment for any loose connectors or loose grounds or grounds in bad shape. I have not cleaned the MAF sensor. I have not measured the fuel pressure although from the flooded plugs i can tell im getting fuel. Unfortunetly, i do not have immediate reach to a scan tool to pull any codes.

Has anyone expierenced this??

Can i pull any trouble codes some other way then scan tools??

Keep in mind that engine hasnt been started for a few days while serpentine belt has been off and weve had below freezing temps.

PS. Stuck at inlaws house for a week and a half… They live out in country so please… HELP.


Charge up battery. Take plugs out, let everything dry off for a few hours, reinstall plugs, try to start with gas pedal to the floor. If no-start, try again with foot off gas pedal.

The fuel you added was gasoline, right?Try a mobile mechanic from Craigslist with a code reader.