2006 Chevy Mailbu Throttle Problems at start


Greetings, I am having problem with my 2006 Chevy Mailibu LS sedan (2.2L 4 cylinder). To make it start and run properly (most of the time) , I must wait about 5- 10 seconds after the fuel pump clicks to get it to run right with good throttle response. If I start it sooner, or even when I wait the card will start and run, but when I accellerate, it will only go about 20 MPH even with the pedal to the floor? At about 12,000 they replaced the throttle control assembly on the intake, and it worked OK for about a month, and then it started again. Took it back to them at 33000, and could not make if fail, and they said they won’t do anything if it don’t fail for them. What do you think?


it doesnt seem to line up, but try a fuel filter, that could be why it only does it sometime


The car is under warranty and it has a problem! That line of, “If it doesn’t have those symptoms, now, we can’t do anything” is NOT true. There are a known number of things to check to ensure they are performing at their optimum. There are even checklists, in words and pictures, which explain what to check and expected results. You gotta COMPLAIN. The squeaky wheel gets the grease (attention). Call the regional Chevy representative and COMPLAIN (calmly, civilly; but, firmly). The car has a SAFETY ISSUE (that’ll get their attention). You could, also, present the problem to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). They have a Web site.


Hey hellokit, thank you for your response, and the advise. I really like the car, and was trying to stay with American Made. I will give your wise words a try.



I would add that you might want to try another Chevrolet dealer if his mechanics are not smart enough to diagnose the problem. In addition, you can get any GM car serviced at any GM dealer; might be worth a try.


In trying to keep it American made, you really have to check it all out. I think that there are numerous foreign parts in your car, including the engine. Good luck trying to keep it U.S.A. made these days. Some of the Toyotas may have more american made parts than a lot of the traditional patriotic names.