1987 Chevrolet V10 Series Pickup 4x4 runs rough when giving a little throttle

1987 Chevrolet has a 5.7 liter V8 AT. Just replaced Distributor, TPS, and Idle air valve. The truck was timed to spec and now when I place it in gear and drive away and just give a little throttle the engine begins to sputter.

Advanced the timing and it still has the same problem. When I mash the throttle no problems. Please help.

If you figure this out please let me know because I have a later model S-10 that does the same thing! It idols fine but as soon as I apply throttle it sputters…I put new plugs,wires,fuel and air filters,and a new TPS sensor and I’ve tried fuel additives/cleaners and I have no clue where to go from here…

I talked to my mechanic and we advanced the timing very aggressivly and that was not the problem. He believes it is a weak fuel pump, ECM or even a or fuel pressure requlator. I am going to replace all of these items.

Yes we figured it out it is a egr valve that reycycles the exhaust gas. This fixed my problem good luck.

I’m glad you fixed your problem without throwing a lot of parts at it. Was that egr valve stuck partially open?